Unsolicited improvements

I have been using Amie for about half a year now, basically ever since I got the invite in 2023. While using the app I found some things that were mildly bothering me.


The team at Amie are building something truly great and many of the aspects I'm touching on are still being actively worked on. This unsolicited project is purely for fun and doesn't aim to throw shade at Amie.

Adding To-Dos

I wanted to make it easier to add to-dos. One cool thing about Amie is that you can schedule to-dos right in your calendar. But when you're using the mobile app, you can't do that right away. You have to click on the to-do again to schedule it. I figured we could make this easier by using the event screen for new to-dos. That way, you can schedule it right away and also add a description, change the list, set it to repeat, and make it an all-day task.

This method isn't without its drawbacks, however. Each time you want to add a task, you get thrown into a separate overlay to fill in the details. This can become rather time-consuming if you have a long list of to-dos, since you have to repeatedly enter and exit this overlay.

After launching the new app